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Connecting Providers, Empowering Improvement

It comes as no shock that the entire healthcare landscape is shifting fast and far. Instead, the only real shock comes when looking at how much impact that shift can have on your bottom line. That’s why there’s the Central Virginia Coalition of Healthcare Providers (CVCHIP)—a collaborative healthcare organization created by providers, for providers.

Adding Value, Subtracting Frustration

Most collaborative healthcare organizations can offer you the same principle tools—pathways, care plans, metrics, etc.—that are designed to help drive effective population health management. CVCHIP delivers advantages to its members well beyond that basic set of services and functions, including:

  • A physician-governed structure that’s aligned with the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model of primary care redesign
  • Proactive medication management that’s enabled by a closed-door pharmacy, mail-order medication services and a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) program
  • Mobile extensivists who can provide timely at-home geriatric care services (including medication management)
  • Comprehensive mental health counseling and care services
  • Hospice and palliative care services
  • A culture that encourages innovations that are anchored to new concepts, technologies and systems

Change-Ready and Physician-Driven

Working with CVCHIP, you can benefit from what you’re already doing to improve the overall health of your patients, you can collaborate and share best practices, and you can maintain the independence of your practice. As you evaluate options, here are three reasons we believe you’ll find CVCHIP to be an ideal partner:

Capitalize on a Once-a-Year Opportunity

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